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" The really odd thing about human sex, though, was the way it went on even when people were fully clothed and sitting on opposite sides of a fire. It was in the things they said and did not say, the way they looked at one another and looked away. "


The Fifth Elephant Terry Pratchett (via tremendoussocks)


sorry i couldn’t help it

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This is literally perfect.

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Some of my thoughts on the "rapists are despised" quote:

Oh, sure, we despise rapists. Except when they’re celebrities, or football players, or upstanding members of their communities in every (other) way, or rich (the woman’s just trying to get her hands on his cash,…

Anyone got snapchat? I mean if you add me I send pics of pups, kitties, random happenings. Inbox meee!





well, thats enough internet for today

I need this

Does this come in varying colours, because I want a rainbow of them. 

How ~refined~

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that speech.

Your eyes, John, the way you look at him is incredible.

I don’t know why this shot says so much about their relationship but it does.

Sherlock’s gaze is focused inward, but also toward the rest of the world: solving cases, using his mind, so much inner focus. and yet he’s partly angled back toward John, hand on his shoulder as if John’s his anchor.

And John is seated, steady, arms crossed, all of his attention completely on Sherlock, total fondness with a dash of bemusement. This look says I know him so well and yep, this is my job and it always will be.

… muzzled doge looks like winter soldier

Cheeky little advance copy from record store day ‘14 - thanks Funke!


if u masturbate on easter does that mean ur going to hell. i am asking 4 a friend.





and others make straight people feel like we’re all abusive and it’s all our fault even though most of us support gay rights, shitty world we live in, there will never be peace, let’s face, it, earth might as well be called hell because, we, ourselves have ruined it with the terrible human ways

ugh literally shut the fuck up. stop victimizing yourself when there are kids killing themselves, people being beheaded, and various other atrocities being committed just because someone is gay. woe is you for being straight, boo hoo you’re so #oppressed by the gays. if that’s how you’re gonna act you’re no help at all good ol’ “supporter”

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Cityscapes Jeremy Mann

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" Loving me will not be easy. Some days I will be a stuttering apology and you won’t know how to handle all the things I’ve done wrong. "

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I was flipping through Glamour when I saw this article, I almost choked on my soda to be honest. Five pages, all about eating disorders, the lack if knowledge of them by doctors, and how to help yourself or your friends if you/they have an eating disorder.
They talk about BED as well, not just anorexia and bulimia. I’d like it if they spoke about EDNOS as well but otherwise I loved it.
Good job Glamour, four for you.

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Presenting : White people damaging their hair by forcing it to do something it’s not meant to in an effort to seem earthy.

this shit is nasty

Omg! That last one is kinda fresh! I call it the Meatloaf

Seriously white people? Give it the fuck up. You don’t have the hair texture for that. Accept it.

Somebody told me that if I deleted this post I’d stop getting notes on it (it was blowing up my phone) and that *kinda* worked. I would like to take a moment and point out that I had a shit ton of people hounding my inbox and the comments saying they had dreads that look like this and they weren’t gross or that if they don’t shower this is what their hair does naturally

  1. The dreads in this picture are hella nasty. One is full of mold. That’s the point. These are NOT what dreads are supposed to look like.
  2. Hair that isn’t afro textured never ever looks like real dreads (i.e. they don’t look the same at all) If you had to backcomb, they probably aren’t real dreads.
  3. You are exploiting your white privilege if you can still go to school and work with your dreads in, because black people consistently have their natural hair deemed ‘unprofessional’ and used as a means to prevent them from getting hired and to fire them from jobs and have them expelled from school.
  4. They won’t do their own research. No, the Celts did not have dreads, no dreadlocks are not found everywhere
  5. White people calling themselves Rastafarian. Are you kidding. ‘Rasta’ and ‘Rastafarian’ are not terms meaning ‘Bob Marley Fan Club’ or ‘I like weed’. Rastafarians are AGAINST white supremacy.
  6. BUT BLACK PEOPLE STRAIGHTEN THEIR HAIR/ WEAR WHITE HAIR. One, black people don’t wear ‘white hair’. I’m not lying to you, walk into a hair story.You will find Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian but never European hair because it’s not as great as you think it is. Two, the fact that people with kinky hair straighten it with relaxer or flat irons ect is because black people are taught that their natural hair is ‘not good hair’ and because their natural hair is sometimes deemed as unprofessional. Do you like movies? Chris Rock made one about it called ‘Good hair’. Also, this.
  7. Your Dreadlocks are cultural appropriation. They also look nasty.

x o x o fuck you

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Tattoo by @kshocs

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