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i am much gayer and nerdier than i originally budgeted for 

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did you take your medicine today? are you hydrated? are you getting enough sleep? i love you very much please be kind to yourself. ❤️

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It fucks me off that this photo is still going around, why is this “nice guy” still getting championed for being a total creep

quote credited to tumblr user deadlydinos


Reblogging for the fixed version because that guy was beyond creepy.

And that’s not even mentioning that if a GIRL had made all of this stuff, there’d be 39083907 whiny cis boys saying what a pathetic, desperate, clingy bitch she is. When it’s a boy’s unrequited love we are supposed to feel sorry for them, when it’s a girl we expect them to just get over it.

How the fuck did this guy not get a fucking clue.

im sorry but that is the biggest bullshit ive ever seen in my life. Obviously some dumb bitch has photoshopped this message onto the reply, because they cant deal with the fact that guys can actually be nice and some girls are the bitches. It was probably some feminist who hates all men. Why would anyone write all of this to someone, and then end it with “im a male so theyll believe me” Thats so stupid and pretentious only someone who hates males would say that. Anyone who believes thats the real message is dumb beyond belief. Its obvious its edited to the shithouse to make him seem like the bad guy

It’s edited for a damn good reason, because at the end of the day his signs of affection despite being blatantly rejected are what his actions are screaming to us. This boy doesn’t understand even after 5 years what the answer “no” means.
Accepting gifts is wrong, and unfair. At the same time though, never look a gift horse in the mouth… We’re taught to be polite.
But what else is wrong is being so persistent and fucking weird. Guys that don’t get the hint are reasons girls fall into wrong decisions, or are put into serious situations.

No means no. No matter the question.

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poverty makes me sad and so angry

there are prob very few things on this earth more exhausting than poverty.

and when you realize it’s a man made system

it’s even more exhausting.


people don’t have to be homeless.

they don’t have to be ‘making ends meet’


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Since I last published this post, I still haven’t received enough, so doing it again. I hate to do this, but I need financial help. Here is my situation: I live in an emotionally abusive household, I owe money to my school without which I can’t go back, and I…


This is Cezar Ghiroltean. Here are some more pictures of him. My friend met him on OkCupid and he seemed like a cool guy. They had mutual unprotected sex. Later, he told her that he wasn’t healthy, but wouldn’t tell her what he had, because she didn’t want to date him. 

If you engage with this person and are thinking about having sex with him, be aware that he has chlamydia and a possibility of other STIs, and actively does not use condoms and neglects to tell whoever he is having sex with about his sexual health status. 

Please signal boost this and stay safe and aware about this person. He is dangerous and if you have had sex with him recently, it is wise to get tested as soon as possible.

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I do stand up comedy in New York. On Saturday, i have to do a show commonly known as a Bringer, which means I have to bring people to it in order to perform. Before you ask, I have been turned away before for not having enough people so I needto fulfill my requirement. Now, I have to bring 5 people. As of now, I have one guaranteed person coming. I need four more.

You may ask: “Why not ask your friends?”


Ha ha. Every time I ask a friend, they decide they’re busy that week or they bail on me after telling me they can totally go. This is a huge problem for people doing Bringers to the point we joke about how often friends suddenly have plans when we have shows, and how $20 is too much all of a sudden.

This is where Tumblr comes in! I’ve had more success getting people from Tumblr to come and support me than my friends (and I’ve also genuinely made friends by doing this)

If you are interested in going to my stand up show, which is Saturday the 26th in New York City, send me an ask for details. If you can’t go for any reason, then please signal boost this please!

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Anyone else get really stressed when someone vacuums near them? Or just cleans around them in general? But mostly vacuum I mean that noise makes my head scream


I’ve got a headcanon that if oberyn ever talked to sansa he woulda been so nice to her and caring and be like “yeah fuck the lannisters, wanna go to dorne, ill take you there no problem I’m sorry about your family, you know my family was killed by them too do you wanna talk” shit like that

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If you decide the worth of a human by their ability to write, read or pronouce words, then get out of my face.

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the people who downplay the internet’s positive impact on the way we interact and get the word out tend to be the same ones that prefer shit to stay the same.

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i’ve stopped trash talking comic sans after learning the font is actually one of the only dyslexia-friendly fonts that come standard with most computers and i advocate for others doing the same

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Jesus was a homeless Palestinian anarchist who held protests at oppressive churches, advocated for universal health care and redistribution of wealth, before being arrested for terrorism, tortured and executed for crimes against the state, now go ahead and explain to me why he’d vote conservative. I’ll wait.

i’m sorry that’s just the best sentence i’ve ever read

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